Our Solution

Our objective is to bridge the supply chain gap by operating as a fully functional digital procurement medium for healthcare facilities. We collaborate with local and international distributors and manufacturers on your behalf to lower and stabilize costs.

Complete Procurement Management

Our solution operates as a digital tool to manage all your procurement needs.

Superior Customer Service

We handle and facilitate all your servicing needs to quickly reflect customer requirements.

Transparent Transactional Support

We quantify savings and provide you with comprehensive administrative stats to help manage all your activities.

Overview of our Platform

Transform the procurement experience with an integrated and cohesive digital platform that empowers both suppliers and buyers to create a one-of-a-kind virtual medical marketplace.

Buyer's Dashboard
Supplier's Dashboard

What clients says about us

Margie Operations Manager

InterLeukin has been our supplier reference since we started our swabbing services to establishing our physical clinic. They’re very accommodating to our needs and always willing to help. Their website for purchasing is also efficient and easy to use for customers. Thank you and more power, InterLeukin!

Melissa International Lab Consultant

Interleukin has been assisting us with medical supplies since 2020, and has been instrumental in saving the lives of numerous Filipinos. Thank you so much for being accessible, even for charitable activities.

Jarry Lascano
Dr. Jarry Lascano Occupational Health Physician

All of our purchasing processes and activities are completely manual, so I'm grateful for interleukin's presence to help bridge the gap between suppliers and buyers. Their platform is also FREE!



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